Purrs for Seniors is our companionship program for people over 62. We will provide a cat over a year old who is fully vetted, litterbox, food and water bowls, a bag of litter and a bag of food to approved seniors for only $95. If you are interested in our program please fill out the application below. Please make sure you fill out completely and hit submit at the end of the application.

Why are we offering Purrs for Seniors

It’s no secret that the furry friends we call “pets” can bring joy and meaning to their owners’ lives. While many people enjoy having pets for this reason alone, studies have shown that pets can improve the health of their owners in multiple ways, especially for seniors. Loneliness and boredom can be two factors seniors face in daily life. Having the opportunity to bond with a cat and enjoy that companionship may make a huge difference in a senior’s outlook and enjoyment. Studies indicate that living with a pet can help lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. Seniors living independently with pets have better physical and mental health than those without pets. Whether it’s cleaning the litter box, feeding, grooming or playing, most pets force their owners to stay active while caring for them. This exercise can help seniors fight obesity and other health problems. Pets also improve health by reducing the side effects of stress in their owners’ lives. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than petting a purring cat!

These are some of the adult cats you can choose from to be your companion. They need you as much as you need them!