Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable cats and kittens in need. As a foster parent, you will take on the essential role of providing these furry friends with the care, love, and attention they deserve. Your responsibilities will include feeding, cleaning, socializing, and cuddling your foster kitties, and in some cases, administering medications or arranging veterinary visits when necessary—all of which we will cover the associated costs for.

Space-wise, you don’t need a large area; a laundry room, bathroom, or spare bedroom can suffice, or even a cozy corner with a kennel setup. Typically, you will care for these kitties for two to eight weeks, (sometimes longer depending on the need), helping them thrive and prepare for their forever homes. While saying goodbye can be tough, remember that the love and care you provide set them up for a bright future with their new families. Your dedication as a foster parent truly makes a meaningful difference in these kitties’ lives. We will match you with your foster cats/kittens based on your preferences. Remember, if you choose newborns or bottle babies, there will usually be between 3 and 5 kittens that will need you. We do not break up litters of kittens and occasionally have single bottle babies. If you can only foster one animal, please opt for adults.

Make sure to complete every question on the form and hit “SEND.” We’ll contact you once your application is reviewed!

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