As a rescue we cannot determine how long you will have your foster in your care. It could be days, weeks or months. Being a foster is a commitment that you will care for the cats or kittens until they can be adopted out or until they can be put in an adoption center like Petsense. If you don’t think you can commit to the amount of time it may take, DO NOT APPLY TO BE A FOSTER. A rescue cannot just move the cats or kittens that you have because you decided to go on vacation or decided it just isn’t for you. We base how many we can save from death at high kill shelters by how many fosters we have. We need a minimum of a month in order to be able to move foster kitties from one foster home to another.

We will match you with your foster cats/kittens based on your preferences. Please understand if you choose newborns or bottle babies there will usually be between 3 and 5 kittens that will need you. We will not, under any circumstances break up litters of kittens. Occasionally we will have a single bottle baby but that is rare. If you can only foster ONE animal please choose adult for your “Would like to foster” question.

When filling out the form please make sure you have answered every question. After you have completed the foster application please click the “SUBMIT” button. We will contact you at the email address provided once your application has been reviewed!