These fur babies are ready for the furever homes. The cats/kittens listed below are available for adoption. Kittens (under a year old) are $175. Adult cats (one year or older) are $150. If you would like to adopt one of the kitties you see below please fill out an adoption application. We will contact you and arrange the payment of the adoption fee and delivery of your new furry family member!

Important information

The young adult/adult kitties have had all of their vaccinations, de-wormed, flea treated and spayed/neutered. They need nothing except yearly health checks and lots of love! The kittens below (under 5 months of age) will not be eligible for spay/neuter until they are 4 pounds and 5 months of age. We will set that up for you at one of our preferred clinics when the proper time comes

We do offer out of state adoptions. There are additional fees involved. Contact us to discuss what the fees are and how to go about adopting if you live out of state.

Aerosmith $175

Say hello to Aerosmith, your new best friend. This grey tabby precious boy is all things fun and cuddly. Taking your average cat fun to new heights, Aerosmith enjoys fun-filled playtime as much as he enjoys a warm, cuddly nap in the lap of his favorite human. This unique mix of outgoing playfulness and affectionate bonding sets Aerosmith apart from the rest. Let Aerosmith fill your life with joy and contentment.

Allie $150

Looking for a furry friend to curl up with on cozy nights? Allie, the one-year-old female cat, is the perfect snuggle buddy! With her sweet personality and playful spirit, she’s sure to brighten up any home. Give her the loving home she deserves and adopt her today!

Amber $150

If you’re looking for a sweet and affectionate cat, Amber is the perfect fit. She is a bit shy but will blossom with the right family! With her fluffy ginger and white fur, she’s not only beautiful but also fully vetted and ready to be loved. This young kitty loves to cuddle on laps and play with her favorite toys. Amber is a young and energetic cat with a heart of gold. Her fluffy ginger and white fur makes her not only adorable but also irresistible. As a fully vetted kitty, she’s always ready for love and playtime. Amber’s a true sweetheart who loves attention and will be the purr-fect addition to any cat-loving family!

Anna Lea $150

Anna Lea is an adult Tuxedo female cat who is currently up for adoption. She has a sleek black and white coat with distinctive markings that make her stand out from other cats. Despite her striking appearance, Anna Lea is a shy cat who can take some time to warm up to new people.

Due to her shyness, Anna Lea can be initially hesitant to approach people, but once she feels comfortable, she loves to be petted on her terms. She’s not the pick me up and hold me type but treats are a huge incentive! She has a quiet personality, and prefers a calm and quiet home where she can feel safe and secure.

Anna Lea is a curious cat who enjoys exploring her surroundings and playing with toys. She also enjoys birdwatching from the safety of a windowsill.

Anna Lea would make a wonderful companion for someone who is patient and understanding of her shyness. With time and patience, she will surely blossom into a loyal and loving companion. If you are interested in adopting Anna Lea, please consider giving her a chance at a happy and loving forever home.

Aphrodite $175

Hosting a lusciously beautiful grey mantle and a playful spirit to match is our darling grey tabby girl, Aphrodite. Gracing us with her gentle existence on 04/05/2023, she’s been a bundle of love and charm ever since. Aphrodite is known for her playful antics and habit of making a plaything out of anything she gets her paws on— reminding us every day of the beauty in the little things of life. Embrace this loving kitten into your family and delight in the joy she radiates.

Armani $175

Introducing Armani! He’s our delightful ball of fun, born on 04/05/2023. A grey tabby boy who loves to play and bring a smile to everyone’s face! His expressions are priceless and his loving nature is truly heart-melting. With a playfulness that’s contagious, Armani is surely going to add a lively splash of joy to your life. Prepare to fall in love. With Armani, every moment is playful, every memory is fun-filled.

Aurora $175

Birdie $175

Need some extra cuteness in your life? Meet Birdie, the 10-month-old female cat who is too cute to handle! She’s a lovely and affectionate kitty who loves attention and cuddles. Give this adorable little one the loving forever home she deserves and watch as she brings joy and happiness to your household. Adopt Birdie today!

Buddy $175

Buddy is going to be a great addition to your family. He’s very people friendly, isn’t shy and loves to be stroked and held. He has the softest fur you can imagine. He also has a little Maine Coon in his lineage and has furry toe beans, furry ears and tail. He’s a very independent young boy and gets along great with children and other cats. He’s a special gem for sure and will add a lot of love and joy to your home.

Bundy $175

Chanel $175

Meet Chanel, She’s a Loving Tabby and White Feline
Meet Chanel, our adorably playful Tabby and White feline. Born on 07/01/2023, she grew into the most loving girl in our clowder. Chanel uses her fun, cheerful nature to make everyone around her smile. She fills her days with love and fascinating escapades. She’s the purrfect companion for anyone seeking some feline affection and a steady stream of exciting adventures.

Cheddar $175

Take Home Cheddar: Looking for a lively and lovable companion? Cheddar, the playful orange kitty, is here to steal your heart. Adopt him today and experience endless joy!

Mr. Christian Grey $150

Mr. Christian Grey is a stunning adult cat who is ready for his forever home. With his sleek grey and white fur, he is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. He has been neutered and is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, so you can rest assured that he is healthy and well-cared for.

Mr. Grey has a wonderful temperament and loves to be petted. He is a very chill fellow who enjoys relaxing and lounging around the house. He is fully vetted and has been given a clean bill of health, so you can be sure that he will be a happy and healthy addition to your family.

If you are interested in adopting Mr. Christian Grey, all you have to do is click on the link and fill out the application. This beautiful feline is looking for his forever home, and with his friendly personality and striking good looks, he is sure to make a wonderful companion for anyone who is lucky enough to adopt him. So why wait? Fill out that application today and give Mr. Grey the loving home he deserves!

Colby Jack $175

Cricket $175

Crystal $175

Dahmer $175

Darcy $175

Meet Darcy, the lovable and spirited female kitten that will capture your heart! With her elegant black fur and friendly demeanor, Darcy is a real head-turner. Her sweet nature and attentiveness will make her the perfect addition to any home. Whether it’s chasing toys or engaging in playful adventures, Darcy is always ready for fun! Plus, she has a special fondness for other pets, making her an instant favorite among furry companions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home this delightful and charming little feline named Darcy!

Dolly $175

Edgar $175

Eileen $175

Ellie $150

Are you on the lookout for a stunning and affectionate feline friend? Meet Ellie – the gorgeous house panther with a sleek coat who is just waiting to become a part of your family. Ellie is almost a year old, has already had her kittens, and has been spayed. So, she is all set to establish herself in a permanent home. Ellie adores being showered with attention and enjoys spending quality time with people. Take Ellie home with you and she’ll be your charming and loving companion who’ll be by your side always.

Emmy Lou $175

Fergus $175

Meet Fergus, the adorable male kitten with a stylish tuxedo coat! Fergus is an absolute bundle of joy who will bring endless fun and playfulness to your home. Don’t let his energetic nature fool you though, as Fergus also has a soft spot for cuddles. Whether he’s chasing after toys or curling up in your lap, this little guy is guaranteed to steal your heart. Make Fergus a part of your loving family today!

Ferra $175

Welcome the newest member of your family, Ferra. This delightful girl is a sweet treat to have around. A calico kitten with a great personality that’s certain to bring constant fun to your household. She is eager to meet you!

Farren $150

Say Hi to Farren, Our Gorgeous and Sweet Calico
Prepare to melt under the charming spell of Farren, our beautiful calico girl. With her uniquely patterned coat and a heart as sweet as sugar, she sure knows how to win everyone’s heart. Farren is the definition of a kitty who loves to be loved — she’ll quickly become your most adored companion.

Fisher $175

Meet Fisher! This handsome boy kitten is dressed to impress with his natural tux marking that will steal your heart in an instant. Fisher is not just about looks, he carries a fun and inquisitive personality that is sure to keep you entertained with his adventurous antics. Despite his playful nature, Fisher also knows how to be sweet and cuddly when it’s time to relax. Fisher would certainly make a wonderful addition to any family!

Foxy $150

Looking for a feline friend who will steal your heart in no time? Look no further than Foxy! This one-year-old female cat is the epitome of adorable, with her soft fur and big, bright eyes. Foxy loves to play and explore, but she also knows how to kick back and relax with her human. Plus, she’s a real sucker for pets, so get ready to shower her with affection! If you’re ready to fall in love with a new furry friend, adopt Foxy today.

Gizzy $175

Glory Bea $150

Glory Bea is a beautiful solid black cat who is about a year old and is fully vetted. Although she is a little shy at first, with some patience and love, she is sure to blossom into a wonderful companion.

Despite her shyness, Glory Bea is a very sweet and affectionate cat. She loves to be petted, but not picked up, and she enjoys playing with toys. Her sleek black fur is soft and shiny, and her big bright eyes are sure to capture your heart.

Glory Bea is fully vetted, which means she has received all the necessary vaccinations and medical care. She is healthy and ready to find her forever home. With a little patience and love, she will make a wonderful addition to any family.

If you are looking for a furry companion and have the patience to give Glory Bea the love and attention she needs, she could be the perfect match for you. So why not give her a chance and open your heart and home to this sweet and lovable black cat?

Jasper $175

Jinx $175

Say hello to Jinx, our charming new addition, who’s here to steal your heart! This sweet and playful kitten is the ultimate companion you’ve been searching for. Jinx has a sleek and shiny black coat that is perfectly complemented by an adorable white patch on her chest. But it’s not just her looks that will captivate you; she’s also incredibly attentive and loving. Jinx will shower you with affectionate cuddles and purrs, making you feel like the most special person in the world. And let’s not forget her boundless energy and love for playful games! Whether it’s chasing a toy or exploring new adventures, Jinx is always up for some fun. You’ll also discover that she absolutely melts when you shower her with pets and give her gentle scratches behind her ears. So, if you’re longing for a loving, engaging, and fun companion, Jinx is the perfect addition to your family. Don’t miss out on the chance to welcome this little sweetheart into your life!

Judy $175

Meet Judy, the charming tortie girl who will win your heart in seconds! Still a kitten, full of youthful vigor and curiosity, Judy promise loads of fun and laughter. This young lady is not just about playful antics, she is also deeply affectionate and loving. Simply pet her once, and you’ll have a loyal companion for life. Don’t miss out on bringing this little bundle of joy into your life!

Julie $150

Say hello to Julie, the cuddly and curious one-year-old female cat who’s sure to steal your heart. And take a look at those beautiful eyes! She’s a loving companion who just adores pets and loves making new friends. With her playful and inquisitive nature, Julie is always up for a good adventure, but she’s also one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. Ready to add a little love and joy to your home? Adopt Julie today and start creating happy memories together!

Joe $150

Meet Joe, a handsome mostly white cat with beautiful striped patches. While Joe is FIV+, don’t let that deter you from considering him as your furry companion. We can provide you with all the information you need about FIV and what to expect.

Despite his FIV+ status, Joe is a laid back and happy guy who loves spending time with both people and cats. He is fully vetted, which means he has received all the necessary medical care and is ready to join his new family.

Joe’s friendly and affectionate personality makes him a great addition to any household. He loves to be petted and cuddled and enjoys spending time with his human companions. His stunning looks and gentle nature are sure to make him a beloved member of any family.

If you are interested in making Joe a part of your family, we would be happy to provide you with all the information you need about FIV and how to care for him. With your love and care, Joe can live a long and happy life, bringing joy and love to your home.

Joy $150

Meet Joy, the adorable black and white cat who is looking for her forever home. Joy may be a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she will shower you with all the love and affection she has to offer.

Despite her shyness, Joy is a sweet and affectionate cat who loves to cuddle up in your lap and purr contentedly. She is fully vetted, which means she has received all the necessary medical care and is ready to join her new family.

Joy’s loving and gentle personality is sure to win your heart. She may be a bit reserved at first, but once she opens up to you, she will be your loyal companion for life. Her striking black and white coat adds to her charm, making her even more irresistible.

If you are looking for a furry friend who will love you unconditionally, Joy might be the perfect match for you. With her loving personality and gentle nature, she is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life. So why not give Joy the forever home she deserves?

Lizzie $175

Lucky $175

Lucy $150

Meet Lucy, the sweet and playful girl cat with stunning grey and white fur. Her unusual markings make her stand out in the best way possible. Whether she’s cuddled up on your lap or chasing her favorite toys, Lucy is sure to bring joy and laughter into your home.

Manson $175

Maple $150

Meet Maple, a sweet and playful female cat that will steal your heart in no time! Maple loves to play with toys and cuddle up next to her human friends. She’s the perfect addition to any home looking for some feline love. Adopt Maple today and add some sweetness to your life!

Maze $175

Mia $175

Milly $175

Ophelia $150

Say hello to Ophelia, a charming girl with a striking Russian blue background. Although she may be shy at first, her gentle and sweet nature will melt your heart. Ophelia’s eyes are truly a sight to behold, adding an extra touch of beauty to her already adorable face. If you’re looking for a gorgeous feline companion, consider adopting Ophelia today and let her grace your life with joy.

Paris $175

Princess $175

Rowdy $175

Salem $175

Discover Salem, the most adorable black kitten with strikingly beautiful eyes. This charming female feline is incredibly sweet and attentive, always wanting to be by your side. With Salem around, you can say goodbye to boredom as she loves to engage in playful activities and explore her surroundings. Her affectionate nature makes her the perfect companion for those who adore pets. Bring home this little bundle of joy and experience the unmatched happiness she will bring into your life.

Sam $150

Sam is a distinguished and refined grey and white cat with a calm and gentle demeanor. He is almost 3 years old, fully vetted and looking for his forever home. Sam is a well-behaved and polite gentleman who will always use his litter box and scratch post. He enjoys lounging in a sunny spot or curling up on a cozy blanket. Sam is also quite playful and loves to bat around toys or chase strings. He is a great balance of playfulness and relaxation. If you’re looking for a polite and affectionate companion, Sam might be the perfect match for you. Fill out the application to adopt him today!

Skuttle $175

Spitz $175

Sport $175

Sport is the most playful and fun loving young male tabby on the planet. He will be by your side every step of the way. He loves to snuggle, will curl up by your side and love you unconditionally. He’s great with other cats and children. He purrs non stop and is a very sweet, and happy little guy. He’s going to make someone very happy no doubt!

Storm $175
Introducing Storm, the unassuming sweetheart with an infectiously funny personality, ready to steal your heart in an instant! She has a past as stormy as her name suggests, having been thrown from a car when she was but three weeks old, resulting in a cut lip. Yet, this brave girl carries her scars with dignity. Dressed in a unique tux-patterned coat that complements her beautiful features, Storm radiates an unmatched elegance. Don’t be fooled by her delicate demeanor though, this girl is a beacon of resilience and beauty – a true testament to the spirit of survival.

Spitz $175

Tina $175

Meet Tina, the sweetest young adult girl ready to be your new best friend! With her playful and cuddly personality, she’ll bring joy to your life and make you feel loved. Tina is looking for a loving home where she can be your loyal companion. Adopt her now and let her be your constant companion!

Tucker $175

Venus $175

Walnut $150

You can pay your reservation fee of $50 or if you would like to pay your adoption fee in its entirety use one of these options.


Adoption fees includes all vetting (De-worming, flea treatment, FVRCP, rabies and spay/neuter)

Thank you from all the cool cats at The Country Cattery!!